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Sharon Black book Telecommunications Law in the Internet Age

The term “Internet Age” describes the remarkable state of nearly instantaneous worldwide voice, data, and  video communications available today. With the dial of a phone or the click of a mouse, we can exchange information across distances and international borders in a manner never imagined by previous generations.

Communications in the Internet age are unique  from all over communications phenomena that have excited before.

Hundreds of thousands of networks link together in  such a manner that a person in the world with access to the Internet or a telephone can contact nay other person in the world with access as well regardless of their location, type of equipment being used, or standard controlling that equipment.

Communications can be:

1) one to one, one to many

2) interactive or non-interactive

3) local or long distance International

These modern communications, however, also raise a number of legal issues including regulation, pricing, import/export, licensing, privacy, encryption, eCommerce, jurisdiction, taxation, intellectual property, merger / acquisitions, and antitrust issues.

Integral to the Internet Age are the laws that guide, direct, balance and respond to these issues, and thus are that key part of each telecom product or service.  It is important to understand these laws when communicating in this new environment.  I wrote Telecommunications Law in the Internet Age book to effectively address these concerns.

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